TUO Cutlery - TC1310S - Falcon S - 5" Paring Knife

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 Blade Material AUS-8 Japanese Steel
Handle Material Wood
Length 5 inch

SKU: TC1310S
 TUO Cutlery
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Well-designed 5 inch kitchen utility knife with a light body, and is perfect for slicing vegetables, fruits, and cheeses as well as filleting fish and peeling potatoes. This small knife is flexible enough for daily use.

The small kitchen knife tapered to a razor-sharp edge at 8-12 degrees per side for maximum sharpness and edge retention. The Rockwell hardness of AUS-8 stainless steel reaches 56+ ensuring rust and stain-resistant.

In addition to the exquisite appearance of the blade with a wave pattern, its practicality is that the 3D pattern reduces the contact area between the food and blade, prevents the food from sticking to the blade, which improves slicing efficiency.


  • Precision-forged, high-carbon Japanese AUS-8 Steel at 56±2 HRC
  • The edge is painstakingly sharpened to 8-12° per side to ensure you a razor-sharp blade
  • Beautiful ripple pattern on the hand-polished satin finish blade
  • Tapered design for hardness and flexibility
  • Precisely tempered for added durability
  • Military-grade G10 handle for life-long durability
  • Highly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture
  • Ergonomic handle shape for maximum comfort, grip, and maneuverability
  • Full tang for incredible robustness and quality
  • Riveted structure for even more durability
  • Intricate TUO Cutlery rivet enhances the beauty