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Humidifier Pads

Honeywell - HC26E1004 Humidifier Pad

$ 23.49

The Honeywell - HC26E1004 Humidifier Pad is a Water panel with AgION® antimicrobial coating which contains silver to naturally inhibit bacterial growth. (Silver is non-toxic.) Water panel is composed of layers of aluminum mesh with porous coating, which allows water absorption but not beading that would inhibit evaporation. Honeywell recommends...

Honeywell - HC26A1008 Replacement Humidifier Pad

$ 20.00 $ 19.99

Product description The Honeywell HC26A1008 water panel is made of layers of an aluminum mesh with a porous pumice-like coating. The coating allows the water panel to absorb water, but without it the water would bead up on the aluminum and the evaporation would not be as effective.   The...

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