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Golden Care

Golden Care Products

With Golden Care products, you can now keep your outdoor teak furniture looking as fresh and new as the day you got it! As an industry trusted name, Gold Care provides unmatched coverage for your furniture and is specially designed to maintain a luxurious sheen. Browse powerful solutions like Golden Care Hardwood Protector, which works to keep your furniture safe from the elements, including rain, dirt, strong winds, and harsh sunlight. Combine it with an efficient stain preventer like the Golden Care teak shield and help preserve that unique style teak gives your home. 

Other Products

Golden Care teak protection encompasses a wide range of furniture-protecting benefits, allowing you to support the health of your outdoor furniture in many ways. Some of the products we offer here include:

  • Teak instant gray
  • Teak protector
  • Vintage teak protector
  • Teak shield 
  • Teak wood sealer

About Golden Care 

Teak is a beautiful golden-brown tropical hardwood that’s very popular in patio and outdoor furniture. However, it’s texture and color eventually wears off into a silver-gray patina if not sheltered properly from natural elements.

If you’re looking for a solution to help maintain your furniture’s natural color, Golden Care’s line of teak cleaner and protector products are some of the best around. Trust us when we say Golden Care is consistently ranked as the best teak protector in the market. Having served the outdoor furniture industry for more than 25 years, they pride themselves on helping homeowners extend the life of their teak furniture. 

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