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Geek Smart

GeekSmart Keypad Door Lock Deadbolts

Upgrading to keypad door lock deadbolts allows homeowners to easily monitor the status of locks and doors and even unlock them remotely. They help improve home security and are relatively easier to install.

If you want to ensure your door remains locked while away so your belongings are safe, choose GeekSmart. We’ve got a range of smart locks available, including WiFi and fingerprint-enabled locks. 

Quick Features Of Our Smart Door Knob Fingerprint Locks:

GeekSmart keyless door locks are an effective and efficient way to protect your family and brighten your life with tech.

Here are a few quick features of our keypad door lock deadbolts:

  • You can smoothly control the door using your smartphone, anytime and anywhere. This way, you can also keep your home and family safe
  • With the help of the GeekSmart app, you can grant easy access to other family members or friends – it’s more easy and convenient
  • Offers simple design and smart devices
  • Built from durable material and are meant to last longer
  • Provides voice control features with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy installation (all our products come with GeekSmart door lock manuals)

Looking to buy premium-quality, reliable smart door locks? Shop GeekSmart door locks from Wholesale Home today. We’ve got everything you need! Make sure you browse through more door lock products, or contact us directly for more information.

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