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Liftmaster - 365LM Plug-In Security Plus Radio Receiver - 315Mhz

$ 30.99

The LiftMaster 365LM Universal Plug-In Garage Door Opener Receiver is used to replaces radio controls or to upgrade to a system that's more secure, Radio receiver works with all LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Sears remotes that use 315 MHz Security-Plus technology. The LiftMaster 365LM plugs into a standard power outlet and wires...

Liftmaster - 371LM Garage Door Opener Remote

from $ 23.99

The LiftMaster 371LM basic single-button remote control isn't so basic. It can operate a single garage door or gate, or turn your garage door opener lights on/off. You can also use it as an extra remote control to turn on lights or small appliances inside your home all from the comfort...

LiftMaster - 373LM Three Button Remote Garage Door Opener

$ 27.99

The Liftmaster 373LM Security+ 3 Button Garage Door is a small and convenient garage door opener for your car. Features:3 Button visor remote control with clip315 Mhz- purple learn button on circuit boardEasy to code- DIY user-friendlyIncludes one 5-year 3-volt battery. 

LiftMaster - 375UT Universal 2 Button Remote

$ 32.99

The LiftMaster - 375UT Universal 2 Button Remote control transmitter allows you to open two different brand garage doors with out the need of multiple remotes. The universal remote is compatible with most major brands of garage door openers as  Liftmaster, Sears, Chamberlain, Genie, Overhead Door, Linear, Stanley, and Wayne Dalton....

LiftMaster - 378LM 315MHz Wireless Secondary Control Panel

$ 19.99

The LiftMaster 378LM secondary control panel is specifically designed for customers who want an extra control panel in the garage. Provides fast, easy installation with no wiring required. Compatible with all 315MHz LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers. Install anywhere in the garage - near the garage door, near the...

LiftMaster - 811LM Single Button Remote Control

from $ 14.49

This LiftMaster 811LM is a Universal DIP Single-Button Remote Control that is perfect for applications like Gated Communities or Commerical applications where a large number of remotes are needed.Remote features Security+ 2.0 encrypted technology. Only compatible with commercial gates, not for use in residential garage door system.   ===

Liftmaster - 821LM MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller

$ 115.99

The LiftMaster 821LM MyQ Garage lets you monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere and control home lighting with your smartphone, tablet or computer. With MyQ technology you can control up to 2 universal garage doors at once (requires extra door sensor, sold separately). Alerts can be received as email...

Liftmaster - 823LM Remote Light Switch

$ 34.99

Replaces your existing wall switch to allow you to control home lighting with your smartphone or garage door opener remote control. Requires the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway for smartphone control.  Features: Only compatible with Security+2.0 LiftMaster garage door openers or gate operators and Craftsman AssurLink. Fast and easy installation through your...

Liftmaster - 825LM Remote Light Control

$ 22.99

The LiftMaster 825LM allows you to plug in any lamp inside your house to this device and control it with your smartphone or garage door opener remote control. Controller requires a LiftMaster Wi-Fi garage door opener, Internet Gateway, or MyQ Garage. Features: Lets you control any lamp with a Garage Door...

LiftMaster - 828LM Internet Gateway

$ 59.99

The LiftMaster 828LM enables homeowners to control their garage doors from anywhere, anytime. With its featured MyQ technology owners can operate the garage door, gate operator, or turn on/off lights in or around the home using a smartphone or computer, from anywhere.  Features:  Easily connects to home router Works only with...

LiftMaster - 829LM Garage Door Monitor

$ 33.99

Check and close your garage door from any room in the house. Green and Red LED lights indicate whether the garage door is open or closed. Volume controlled alert lets you know when the door is being opened. With MyQ enabled technology it allows you to monitor and close up...

Liftmaster - 850LM Universal Garage Door Opener Receiver

$ 41.00

The LiftMaster 850LM is designed for both gated communities and commercial buildings, the universal receiver and accompanying remote controls feature security+ 2.0tm technology. It utilizes a new, innovative and exclusive narrow band multi-frequency radio, which virtually eliminates radio interference, and eliminates customer call backs due to poor range performance. Compatible with...

LiftMaster - 855LM Homelink Repeater Kit

$ 25.95

The LiftMaster 855LM (HOMELINKRPTR) is a standalone module kit that acts as a compatibility bridge for synchronizing an older vehicles HomeLink® system to Security+2.0 LiftMaster® garage door opener manufactured after 2011. The unit features a yellow learn button and a yellow antenna. This HomeLink® Repeater kit requires 120VAC and is...

Liftmaster - 877max Wireless Keyless Entry System

$ 39.99

With the LiftMaster 877MAX, you can open or close your garage door without using a remote control or key. The LiftMaster wireless keyless entry system can open the door using a private 4-digit code you program directly into the unit. You can also program it with temporary access codes for...

LiftMaster - 883LM Security+ 2.0 MyQ Door Control Push Button

$ 8.99

The LiftMaster 883LM Door Control Button puts quick control at your fingertips, without taking up too much space. It controls one garage door opener and can be used to program remote controls and MyQ® enabled accessories.

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