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HVAC Parts

Honeywell - 50002883-001 - Cover plate

$ 13.99

Cover plate assembly, Premier White. Cover plate assembly for use with FocusPRO 6000/5000 and PRO 4000/3000 thermostats. Includes one medium and one large cover plate, bracket for J-boxes and mounting hardware. Medium cover plate is 5 inch x 6-7/8 inch. Large cover plate is 6 inch x 8-5/16 inch. Medium...

Honeywell - UV100A1059 - 120 Vac Ultraviolet Air Treatment System for Return Air Coil

$ 169.99

The Ultraviolet (UV) air treatment system coil-plus, 120-volt (AC), complete kit for return air or coil irradiation. Kills airborne bacteria and surface mold to keep air conditioning systems clean, efficient and worry-free. UV coil irradiation lamp reduces microorganism and mold growth in moist locations and reduces inhalant and odor irritants at...

Deflecto - HR4W 4" Dryer Vent, White

$ 7.49

Features:  Durable weather resistant 4-Inch Wide Mouth Hood w/Detachable Bird Guard Removable bird guard helps prevent birds and other pests from nesting in vent or entering home Vent closure designed for maximum airflow Should self-clean with wind or rain ===

Honeywell - THP9045A1023 Wiresaver Wiring Module for Thermostat

$ 21.99

The THP9045A1023 Wire saver module connects to "K" terminal on Honeywell Prestige thermostats and separates into "Y" and "G" signals at furnace or air handler equipment. Intended to be used in conventional and heat pump systems requiring one wire more than is available. TheTHP9045 wiring module is designed to be used...

Honeywell - Solenoid Valve Assembly

$ 105.99

Solenoid Valve for Humidifiers Solenoid valve assembly for Honeywell HE220, HE225, HE260, and HE265 humidifiers. The orifice and strainer screen is pre-installed on the inlet side of the valve. Also included is the water distribution tube and plastic feed nozzle.===

Honeywell - HZ311 TrueZONE Panel

$ 119.99

The Honeywell TrueZONE zoning panels offer an easy to use platform for zoning control. The HZ311 offers interfacing with up to three zones, and when combined with zone control dampers, offers individual temperature control to every single one. Panel is easy to install, TrueZONE panels look incredibly professional when installed...

Honeywell - C7089U1006 Outdoor Temperature Sensor

$ 27.99

Product Description Outdoor Temperature Sensor senses outdoor temperature for the VisionPRO and VisionPRO IAQ and also can be used for dual fuel balance point temperature operation in heat pump applications.Product Specifications Description Outdoor sensor used to measure outdoor temperature. Application Sensor for VisionPRO Thermostats. Dimensions (in.) 2 1/4 in. x...

Honeywell - DP1030A5014 - Single Pole 24 VAC Contactor

$ 15.99

These electromagnetically-operated Definite Purpose Contactors provide switching for starting induction motors.Features: Meets ARI-780 Standard at started ratings (500,000 cycle mechanical life, 200,000 cycle electrical life and 10,000 cycle recycle life); the most demanding ARI requirement. Silver cadmium oxide contacts provide long life under demanding duty cycles. Low profile design allows...

Honeywell - 50028044-001 - Sediment Water Filter for Residential Humidifiers

$ 49.99

In-line scale and sediment water filter for residential humidifiers. Maximum water temperature 110(F). This item must be replaced every year as part of normal routine maintenance requirement for all Honeywell TrueSteam humidifiers. Failure to do so will void warranty and cause premature failure of humidifier. (TrueSteam humidifier is self-cleaning steam...

Honeywell Q3400A1024 30-Inch Igniter Flame Rod Assembly

$ 62.99

Specifications Description: Igniter Flame Rod AssemblyLead Length: 30 in.Used with: SV9500, SV9600, Field replacement for Q3450, Q3480 hot surface pilot burner 

Deflecto HS6B 6' Inch Brown Vent Hood

$ 17.99

Features:Opens with ease for maximum exhaust flowCurved louvers for quieter operationDurable weather resistantFor all plastic molded louvered vent hoods.Outside Dimension is 7-7/8'' with a depth of 5/8'' inches.Pipe Opening is 6 inch.===

Deflecto - HS4W - 4" Fan Vent, White

$ 7.49

Features: Curved louvers for quieter operation. Durable weather resistant. Fits a 4" pipe, overall size will vary with pipe size. Opens with ease for maximum exhaust flow. ===

Deflecto - HR4B Replacement Vent Hood, Brown

$ 7.49

Features:4 inch wide-mouth vent hood Removable bird & rodent guard Vent closure designed for maximum airflow Durable & weather-resistant Self-cleaning with wind or rain ===

Deflecto - HSG6W 6" Vent Cover With Bird Guard

$ 23.99

Features: Easy to Install Weather Resistant Paintable to Match Your Home's Exterior Color Used to cover a 6" interior diameter vent Great for bird removel from vents ===

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