Arlington Siding Box Kit For Fixtures and Receptacles, Cover with Flanges, 1-Pack, 8081F White

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SKU: 8081F
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This siding box kit includes the box w/flange, siding block, and a non-metallic (NM) cable connector. It works on all siding types, and can be installed before or after the siding is up (new construction or retrofit). Mounting holes are provided on the inside of the box and along the flange. Both the box and siding block are UV rated, textured, and paintable to match any siding or trim. The cover measures 6.650" x 6.650", the depth of the box is 1.125", and the box has a volume of 15-1/2" cubic inches. To mount this box with siding already up, simply score and break off flanges before mounting.

It will smoothly allow you to mount large vertical fixtures of your choosing. The UV Rated plastic is sure to withstand long term use outdoors. This siding box kit will work 1/2-inch or less type of siding, whether you have it up or not. The surface is also paintable, allowing you to have a custom finished look to your projects. UL Listed.

  • Cover with Flanges included
  • Siding Types: All Types
  • UV Rated Plastic for long outdoor life
  • Paintable for a custom finish
  • Smoothly mount vertical fixtures and receptacles
  • Panel Size: 2.05 Inch x 2.9 Inch
  • Dimensions: 6.5 In Width x 6.5 In Height