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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

Your Guide to a DIY Home Office

Need some advice on creating a DIY home office that you’ll actually be able to get work done in? We’re here to help. 

An ideal home office set up is one that encourages you to be productive while also providing you with all of the tools that you need to do your job and do it right. This space needs to represent an area where family and business don’t mix, and where you can comfortably get your work finished without interruption.

The key concept in achieving this is making smart design choices and supporting your office area with the best technology around. You may just never want to go back into a normal office building again. 

For DIY home office ideas and the know-how that can help guide your space, keep reading. 

How to Setup a Home Office Space

There’s no one secret about how to make a home office that inspires productivity. Instead, it’s about putting a lot of the right little things into place so that they come together to create a cohesive space where you can focus, relax, and dive in to whatever it is that you need to do. Here are the essentials that you’ll want to consider. 

The right technology

A home office set up is only as good as the technology that it brings to the table. 

A reliable computer is an obvious necessity, and obtaining the ideal brand isn’t a simple choice. To find the right one, you’ll have to access your own needs based on your job, what is required of your job, how often you’ll use the device, and what you’re willing to pay. Keep in mind some computers are more compatible with certain programs while others simply offer a better price. Make a list of three essentials you want to have with your computer and use these as your criteria for making a choice.

You can’t neglect other office tech either, specifically conference phones and cameras — both of which allow you to be fully present at meetings with minimum hassle.

Setting up a conference phone is as easy as plugging it into an outlet and a phone jack. With crystal clear audio, you won’t have to worry about shoddy cell reception or dropped calls. We recommend creating a dedicated office phone number, separate from your personal/home number. This way you can ensure work and recreation don’t mix, and you’ll be able to better build a working schedule with available office hours. Adding a simple clock into the mix could also prove beneficial in keeping tracking of your time.

You should also look into a conference camera, many of which can just be hooked into your computer and used without additional software. Just be sure to avoid setting up your camera right by a window so you can eliminate glare. With a reliable router, you’ll be good to go. 

Some of our favorite conference phone and camera brands to consider include Google, YeaLink, and Netgear.   

A perfect desk and desk chair

The right desk and desk chair can make all of the difference in your home office. Find a desk that provides you with enough room to spread out (nothing worse than being cramped in by papers). Then find a chair that has the right height and bulk for the desk, and that you can comfortably sit in for as long as you need to. 

Let there be light

You need the right light in your home office. Natural light from windows is ideal, but if you’re going to be working late — or if you just need some extra illumination — spruce up your space with a couple of well-placed lamps. Desk lamps are great for shining light exactly where you need it, while floor lamps provide more overall light to the room. Find what works best for you, and make sure to install LED bulbs to keep it all energy efficient. 

Go green

Plants can make us more peaceful, and there’s even evidence that they make us more productive. Just having the appearance of some fresh greenery is what makes the biggest difference, so if you’re missing a green thumb (or if you just don’t want the responsibility of plants), opt for some faux ones. 

Let’s get to work! Shop our complete collection of home office products, including conference supplies, routers, ethernet switches, and more. Need some help picking out the right stuff? Contact us today for assistance. 

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