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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

How to Replace a Doorbell: Traditional and Smart Doorbell Models

How to Replace a Doorbell: Traditional and Smart Doorbell Models

Read these easy steps on how to replace a doorbell for both traditional and smart devices and begin modernizing your outdated push button for a more comprehensive security system.

The modern doorbell is constantly changing and adapting to be more useful and secure. It is imperative that as a property owner you implement the newest ways to keep your family and yourself safe. While doorbells may seem mounted to your wall and a pain to change, it is remarkable how easy and effortless it really is to replace a doorbell.

How to replace a doorbell:

  1. Switch off the power on the circuit breaker so that the doorbell stops working
  2. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the doorbell faceplate
  3. Pull it away from the door so that the wiring and back are visible
  4. Use a low voltage meter to measure the current and make sure that there is no current
  5. With both wires in sight; loosen the screws at the ends of the terminal and remove the wires
  6. Use electrical tape to secure the wires to the wall
  7. Strip off the coating so that about ¾ of an inch of wire is visible
  8. Take new doorbell and arrange the wires to curl in the direction of the screw
  9. Tighten the screw, but not too tight.
  10.  Attach the faceplate of the new doorbell and make any adjustments for securing to the doorframe.

Replacing the Chime:

  1. Remove cover and unfasten the wires to the old chime
  2. Mark the wires so as to not lose proper placement
  3. Install new chime
  4. Fasten wires to their screw and test out the system

Smart Doorbell Installation

The process to install a smart doorbell is a little different. Below, we’ve compiled some quick steps that outline the procedure:

*note this is for a Ring Video Doorbell, other smart doorbell models may require different steps

  1. Charge the removable battery, even if you plan on hardwiring the smart doorbell by plugging it into the included power adapter
  2. Download the Ring app onto your smartphone, you’ll be able to communicate with visitors through this app, create an account and follow the steps
  3. Attach the charged battery to the doorbell, power it on, and proceed to connect the device to your phone: press the button in the upper right corner of the doorbell then select the Ring Wi-Fi network in your phone’s settings, finally return to the Ring app, choose your local Wi-Fi and enter the password to connect
  4. Uninstall your current doorbell if not already completed, be sure to turn off your circuit breaker before doing so
  5. Prep the installation surface by drilling 4 new holes (if needed) that match the location of the screws on the ring video doorbell, connect the wires to the 2 screws on the back of the doorbell, then mount and cover with a faceplate to complete the process
  6. Lastly, simply turn on the circuit breaker to re-establish power

Some of the best doorbells are more than just doorbells

Sure,  doorbells have been around since the early 1900s but in almost 120 years the best doorbells on the market today can provide much more than a chime when you have a visitor.

New features include live video recording accessible right from your smartphone, showing people or packages on the ground; HD video with bright, crisp images, even at night; two-way audio communication allowing you to interact with visitors; 24/7 streaming and the ability to view snapshot history.

Best Doorbells

Doorbell Types

There are three doorbell types on the market

  • Wired
  • Wireless 
  • Smart Doorbells

The most common types of residential doorbells are typically wired into a home’s electrical system when the home is constructed and provide a steady electrical signal, resulting in low maintenance clear sound quality; they last up to ten years or longer than wireless doorbells

The wireless models are usually battery powered and have multiple ring units that can be placed around the home for larger sound range and are very easy to install.

The Smart Doorbells that were previously discussed are available in wired and wireless forms with many features that help improve the security of your home.

Upgrade to the best security systems for the home

Some of the highest rated brands in the smart doorbell game include Nest, Ring, and August.

Nest has focuses beyond just smart doorbells; they have home improvements that include temperature sensors and indoor cameras. Ring focuses primarily on their smart doorbells with differences in how advanced the products get. The August doorbell camera differs aesthetically from Ring and Nest but offer the same smart doorbell coverage in addition to their smart lock product.

And with same day shipping included in your purchase, we can guarantee some of the lowest prices in the nation on the top doorbell brands!

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