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How to Choose a Shower Head

Wondering how to choose a shower head? We’re here to help.

The shower is one of the most important parts of any bathroom. And the wrong shower head can mean a lackluster shower that gets you clean but doesn’t do much to relax or energize you. Likewise, installing a new—and better—shower head is an excellent way to upgrade your bathroom, especially if you’re doing a DIY renovation on a budget.

At WholesaleHome, we make it easy to turn a bland shower into a luxury shower with a wide range of deluxe shower heads that meet your needs and your budget, including our top pick: shower heads from leading brands as Hansgrohe.

But we’re more than just your go-to source for where to buy shower heads—we’ve also got a lot of advice on how to make the right pick. Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know, including why a good shower head really matters.

The Top Benefits of a Good Shower Head

Having a good shower head is important. Here are three reasons why.

  1. Upgrade your bathroom design. DIYers know that sometimes even the smallest of changes can mean big upgrades in terms of utility and design—and this is definitely true for your shower head. This simple replacement is easy to install and can totally change the look and feel of both your shower and your bathroom.
  2. Reduce energy costs. A good shower head can actually save you money on your water and energy bills by using less water to give you the same effect. They do this by controlling the flow of water so that less water falls, but the water that does fall does so more effectively.
  3. Better showering experience. If you’ve ever taken a shower with a shower head that had too little pressure than you know what a difference a bad shower head can make in your overall showering experience. Upgrade your shower head and you’ll get more out of each shower, including added therapeutic relief.

Choosing Your New Shower Head

Two easy steps to making the right choice:

Step One: Consider your needs. The shower head that’s right for your shower depends largely on the current construction of your shower and what features you need. It’s always easiest to install a shower head that works on your existing plumbing, particularly if you’re just interested in a simple update. From there, think about what else you want, whether it’s figuring out which shower head has the best pressure or flow to finding your ideal rain, handheld, or low-flow head. Consider the following when choosing your ideal shower head

  1. Type: Shower heads fall into 3 type categories: wall mount, hand held, and ceiling. The wall mount is the most simple and offers the greatest degree of flexibility, the hand held detaches from a holder and provides maximum mobility and freedom, while the ceiling model offers great coverage, preventing you from twisting or turning while under the water flow.
  2. PSI: Understand that different shower heads require certain levels of water pressure to work effectively. If your home does not produce the correct PSI levels, then your selected shower head may not properly work. Most of these fixtures will require anywhere between 40-60 PSI. Some shower heads aerate their water flow too, meaning they combine air and water to simulate greater pressure while using less water.
  3. Spray: The actual nozzles often spray water in various patterns and intensity. Some shower heads come with several settings you can choose between including: wide spray, targeted, rinse, and pulsating.

Step Two: Consider your budget. Shower heads run the gamut in terms of price. Figure out what you want to spend, taking into account that a shower head is just one cost factor in a bathroom renovation. Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic shower heads available at varying prices, so you should be able to find what you want regardless of how big or small your budget is.

Ready to shop? We offer wholesale pricing on all of your bathroom upgrade needs, including world class Hansgrohe shower heads. View our complete line of shower products and take your shower to then next level!

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