RAB Lighting Smart Lantern 180 Sensor 500W 120V White

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Rab Smart Lantern Occupancy sensor in white color has a response time adjustment of 5 secs to 15 mins. It has a sensing distance of a 60-ft and 180-degree viewing angle. The sensor requires 120-Volts voltage at a 60-Hz frequency for operation. This sensor is suitable for wet location and outdoor applications. This 6.487-Inch Dia sensor is 0.55-Inch thick. It is wall mounted at a height of 30 ft. This sensor features steel, sealing material molded PVC construction with ON/OFF relay switching. An occupancy sensor is UL listed, CSA certified and NEMA compliant.

  • 180° motion detection with tilt adjustment
  • Wet location rated
  • Time adjustment from 5 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Built-in photocell deactivates sensor during daylight
  • LED "on guard" light
  • 120V AC
  • Compatible with programmed start electronic ballasts

Technical Specifications:


 UL Listed
Suitable for wet locations


Compatible with most electronic ballasts. Not compatible with instant start ballasts.


Voltage 120 volts AC 60 Hz
Manual Override
Double flip wall switch logic prevents activation by brief power outages. Resets after 8 hours. No extra wiring needed.
Surge Protection
Withstands up to 3000 volts
RF Immunity
 Circuits fully shielded for maximum radio frequency immunity
Relay On/Off Model
500 watts Incandescent or 250 watts Fluorescent @ 120V
Switching Capacity
Relay On/Off Model Switches 240 watts when lights are mounted to sensor. 500 watts Incandescent or 240 watts Fluorescent of remotely mounted lighting @ 120 volts.

Sensor Specifications:

Time Adjustment
5 seconds to 15 minutes
Quick Test Time
5 second test time for fast installation. Works day or night.
"No Hands" Auto Testing
Auto mode starts after 4 minutes of testing. No adjustment needed.
Photoelectric Control
Deactivates lights during daylight. Fully adjustable for 24-hour operation or custom applications.
Detection 180° detection pattern with tilt-down adjustment

LED Characteristics:

LED Detection Indicator The LED glows red day & night for "on guard" deterrence 


Warranty  5-year sensor warranty