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Latest Trends & Tips

What Is a Bidet and How Do I Use It?

If you’ve ever traveled abroad and found yourself wondering, “What is a bidet,” don’t worry; you’re not alone! While these posterior cleansers have been used in Western Europe since the early 18th century–the French nobility was the first to utilize its luxuriously unique features–it’s only been very recently that American consumers have become curious about the bidet.

In this article, we’ll be familiarizing you with this popular bathroom appliance and taking a look at the different types of bidets, as well as some of the features that can accompany them. And for those ready to find out what all the bidet buzz is about, we offer up five recommendations for your consideration.

How Does a Bidet Work?

Put most simply, a bidet utilizes a concentrated stream of water to cleanse your rear end of any fecal matter after you’ve gone to the restroom, essentially eliminating the need for toilet paper and ensuring a more healthy and hygienic anus. 

There are, however, several different types of bidets at a variety of price points, and quite an array of styles and features that can accompany them, too.

What Are the Different Types of Bidet?

There are three types of bidets that you are likely to encounter, with each offering its own perks.

  1. Freestanding Bidet: Placed next to the regular toilet, this traditional type of bidet looks similar to a large, low-hanging sink. In some styles, the bowel simply fills with water—as opposed to a stream shot through a tube—and it is often equipped with aerating jets. When finished, you simply pat dry the cleansed area with a towel or cloth.
  2. Handheld Bidet: Also called a bidet shower or bidet sprayer, this handheld nozzle stays attached to the side of the toilet. The user places the nozzles near the anus (or vagina—bidets are useful for female-specific needs as well) and gently squeezes the trigger, which can allow for better control and positioning than built-in bidets. 
  3. Built-In or Attachable Bidet: A built-in or attachable bidet is equipped to work in conjunction with your standard toilet. These work without electricity or additional plumbing, as the water is supplied by attaching a hose to the existing water supply, which automatically dispenses a vertical stream of water with the flush of the toilet.

How to Use a Bidet

Before using any bidet, make sure to give it a test run in order to accustom yourself with the various controls and features and ensure that there are no surprises the first time you sit down and try it for real.

Many bidets will have a lever that controls the angle of the spray, with some even having “posterior” or “feminine” angles. Experiment with the angle of the spray to make sure your target area will be properly positioned. Additionally, some bidets come equipped with hot and cold temperature controls, and testing it out beforehand will help prevent you from being sprayed with shockingly cold or excessively warm water.

What Kind of Bidet Should I Buy?

With so many different options to choose from, we’ve included five recommendations that encompass the wide swath of styles, features, and price points available on the bidet market.

  1. Brondell SouthSpa Dual Temperature Bidet ($64) With water pressure and temperature controlled by the smooth dial, this Brondell bidet attachment also has controls uniquely placed on the left-handed side of the toilet.
  2. Tushy Classic Bidet ($129) The “plug-and-play” ease of installation and simplicity of use have made the Tushy Classic one of the most popular models among bidet enthusiasts.  
  3. BioBidet Aura A7 Intelligent Bidet ($349)The Aura 7 offers an unprecedented level of cleanliness with its exclusive inside-out stainless-steel nozzle cleaning technology, and even has a night light for the bowl, and an LED side panel for convenient use in the dark.
  4. TOTO C100 Washlet ($342)Considered the ideal entry-level model to the world of high-end electric bidets, it features adjustable spray power and temperature; front and rear washing capability; a heated seat; 40 seconds of warm water, air deodorizer; and even an air dryer!
  5. Vovo Stylement Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet ($1,990)Along with a sophisticated, streamlined modern look, the Vovo Stylement has all the features you could want in a home bidet, including auto-flushing and deodorization, UV LED sterilization, air dryer with adjustable temperatures, and a tankless flushing system.

With changing consumer attitudes toward healthier, more eco-friendly options, it’s no wonder that the bidet market is currently booming. If you’re one of the many people who would like to enjoy the benefits of a personal bidet, Wholesale Home, a leader in the online home improvement industry, offers a huge selection of name-brand bidets at wholesale-level prices. 

Check out our extensive bidet selection today!

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