Brondell Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment SouthSpa Dual Temperature and Dual Nozzle

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The Brondell bidet for southpaws. The SouthSpa Dual Temperature Bidet is for left-handed people and anyone in need of a bidet attachment with controls on the left side. The SouthSpa is not just for lefties either, as it is the perfect solution for those bathrooms that do not provide enough clearance on the right side.

  • Unique bidet attachment with controls on left side
  • Dual temperature bidet attachment with adjustable nozzle
  • All parts and accessories included for standard installation
  • Dual temperature bidet: operation is simple and intuitive, water pressure and temperature can be easily adjusted by turning the smooth dial and the nozzle is positionable ensuring a thorough and precise clean
  • Quality components: the SouthSpa dual temperature comes with 2 all metal t-valves, metal braided hose, hot water tubing (specifically designed for high temperature and high pressure)
  • Unibody construction with ceramic core valve makes pressure control smooth and easy while reducing the risk of leaks
  • Everything needed for installation is included, works on all toilets, and installs in minutes with no tools or plumber required
Warm Water Connection:
The SouthSpa bidet toilet attachment features hot and cold temperature controls for a comfortable wash experience. Just use the provided hot water t-valve and hose, that is rated for temperature and pressure, to connect to your sink’s hot water supply to provide an affordable way to upgrade your toilet to a spa-like experience.
Not Just For Lefties:
The SouthSpa left-handed bidet toilet attachment is a perfect solution for those bathrooms that do not provide enough clearance to the right of the toilet for a right-handed bidet attachment.
Quality Construction:
The Southspa bidet features ceramic core internal valves to better withstand water pressure. In addition, the Southsea employs a patented Unibody Construction - fewer parts mean less chance of a leak or failure.
High-Quality Components:
The Southspa Dual Temperature bidet attachment comes with two all-metal t-valves, flexible braided metal cold water bidet hose, six-foot flex tubing for hot water connection and easy to follow installation instructions.