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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

Organizing Storage Room with Plastic Bins

Disorganized and messy storage rooms make it difficult to find things you need. Not only is this stressful, but it could cause you to re-purchase something you already own simply because you didn’t realize the item was already there. Fortunately, organizing storage rooms with Sterilite plastic bins can help you transform a cluttered area into a tidy space. 

Utilizing clear Sterilite plastic bins will allow you to bundle your items by category, organize up (not out) so you have more room to move and make everything visible for quick retrieval. 

Here, we’ll teach you the best way to go about organizing your storage room using plastic bins. Let’s get started!

Using Sterilite Storage Containers for Organization

Sterilite storage containers come in many different sizes and dimensions, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. For example, shallow containers fit underneath most bed frames, stackable drawers, extra large containers for bulky items, and smaller containers for keeping various things in one place.

Here are a few clever storage room organization ideas for Sterilite containers:

  • Categorize

  • Categorizing your storage room organization is one of the easiest ways to know exactly where things are at all times. Sterilite container handles come in various colors, so you can start by dedicating one color to one type of item—for example, blue handles for crafts and green for outdoor items.

    You may realize that you have more categories than there are colors. If that’s the case, stick to one category per box. Also, avoid mixing similar items like craft supplies and gift wrap. Although they might be paper products, you don’t want to sift through your craft gear when you need to wrap a last-minute gift!

  • Label every box

  • Sterilite containers are clear, which is very helpful when locating items. However, you likely won’t be able to see everything in the bin. Give every box a main label and a few sub-labels so you know exactly what’s inside at first glance. For example:

    Main label: CAMPING GEAR


  • Lanterns
  • Bungee cords
  • Extra batteries
  • Tarps

  • Sort by weight and frequency of use

  • Keep heavy containers on the floor or somewhere easy to reach. You risk hurting yourself and damaging your items when things are challenging to get to - especially if they weigh a lot. 

    It’s also a good idea to position seasonal items and mementos, like baby pictures or things your children left behind when they moved out, toward the back of closets, or behind more frequently used items. This will help you avoid moving stuff out of the way when you need to access the things you use regularly.

  • Install sturdy shelves

  • Although Sterilite containers are stackable, dealing with a bunch of stacked bins can make object retrieval more challenging. Not only can it be tiring to move all the bins, but it might cause an injury, damage, or a big mess.

    Instead, install shelves that have a high weight capacity so you can safely store heavy items, like spare dish sets or books, when needed. Remember to keep the heaviest containers on the lower shelves!

  • Use airtight containers

  • Even if your boxes don’t get wet, moisture from the air can seep in and cause mold to grow. Not only can this damage your belongings, but it can cause severe allergies that threaten your family’s health and comfort. Airtight Sterilite containers are a must-have for homes in humid climates and basement or garage storage. The gaskets protect contents from dust, dirt, water, mold, and pests.

    Where to Buy Sterilite Storage Containers

    Storage bins are an excellent way to organize your home, declutter your space, and bring peace of mind. Wholesale Home is the best place to purchase Sterilite storage containers of any shape, size, and dimension. 

    Visit our website to start your storage room organization today! 

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