TPI 719 Combustible Gas Detector

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TPI 719 Combustible Gas Detector The 719 offers 30ppm sensitivity to detect combustible gasses. Easily operated with one hand, leaks are pinpointed using the audio and visual indicators. An adjustable "tic" rate helps eliminate background gas concentration in contaminated environments. Instant response. Soft carrying pouch. Detect combustible gases including natural gas, propane, butane, etc. Thumbwheel adjustable tic rate to locate leaks quickly and accurately. Earphone jack for use in noisy environments. Approximately 20 hours of continuous use (C cell alkaline batteries x 2). Leak detection sensitivity (methane): 30ppm. Audible leak indication: adjustable tic rate via side thumb wheel. Sensor test and zero: automatic at start up. Goose neck: 16" long with visual alarm indicator in sensor housing. Low power semiconductor sensor. It is backed by a 3 year limited warranty. RoHS Compliant. UL Listed. CE Approved. Measures 74mm width by 240mm height by 55mm depth.


  • Instant response
  • 30 ppm (methane) sensitivity
  • Adjustable tic rate
  • One-hand operation
  • Visual and audible leak indication
  • 16" gooseneck
  • Soft carrying pouch
  • Large easy to read backlit display
  • Ten selectable fuels