RAB Lighting - STL360HB Super Stealth 360 Sensor with Twin Precision Die Cast HB101 Bullet Floods -Bronze

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The tough new Security Grade Super Stealth has "Can't Miss" 360° detection for fast installation and flawless operation. It's the most technically advanced sensor on the market today.

Comes completely assembled and pre-wired for quick installation. Two powerful detectors combine to give the Stealth 360 180° long forward range plus superb 360° motion detection below and to the sides. Impenetrable! Evening timer keeps lights on for 1-8 hours after dusk. Then sensor reverts to motion activation until dawn. Great for evening outdoor activities. Gives a "lived-in look" during vacations. Wide sensitivity control adjustable from 100% to 30%. Sensitivity adjusts automatically for consistent detection in hot and cold ambient temperatures. Wall switch manual override prevents activation by momentary power outages. Override resets to auto at dawn. No extra wiring needed. STL360's full coverage pattern reduces need for aiming and adjustment. Can be wired in parallel. Set it and forget it! Advanced detection logic minimizes false triggers. Radio frequency immune. Customized press apply lens mask included to reduce coverage easily.

Has a built-in surge protection of up to 6,000V, and a photoelectric control that automatically deactivates the unit during daylight if desired. It compensates for ambient temperature and has a manual override feature that resets itself to automatic at dawn. Both the detector sensitivity and the switch-on time are adjustable. 

Photoelectric control deactivates lights during daylight. Fully adjustable for 24 hour operation or custom applications.


Pre-wired and pre-assembled on CU4 universal EZ plate.