RAB Lighting - STL200 sensor - Aluminum - 1000W Power - 120V - Bronze

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The RAB Lighting STL200 Stealth sensor has a 1,000-watt incandescent and 500-watt fluorescent switching capacity, a 200-degree detection pattern, and is suitable for switching lights on and off according to the presence of daylight or a heat signature within range of the detection pattern.

Has a built-in surge protection of up to 6,000V, and a photoelectric control that automatically deactivates the unit during daylight if desired. It compensates for ambient temperature and has a manual override feature that resets itself to automatic at dawn. Both the detector sensitivity and the switch-on time are adjustable. 

User-friendly and is adjustable switch-on time and motion sensitivity. Has a LED indicator lights when detecting during the day and glows red at night.

UL listed as suitable for use in wet locations. It can be used in a variety of outdoor switching applications.