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Disco balls were a trend a several decades ago, known and loved for their ability to bring abundant light to any space and give it an magical feel. Disco balls have yet to go out of style and are still staples in a number of popular clubs and bars where the party never stops. If you are hoping to bring the fun of a disco ball to your home so that you can enjoy it any time, but do not want to install a permanent and large disco ball on your ceiling, mini disco balls are for you! A USB mini disco ball is your ticket to having the party roll on wherever you want to go, and this Mini USB Disco Light is the answer

This disco ball light, USB powered, is a high quality, miniaturized disco ball that can easily be grabbed as you head out of the house to a party that you can easily improve.USB charging means that you will be able to plug it into any car charger, wall charger or laptop to turn it on. This small USB disco ball is made out of ultra high quality plastic that is sure to last for years to come.

The bulb inside of this usb mini disco ball light is also long lasting so that the party won't ever die until you unplug the mini disco ball. This disco ball car USB light scatters the light excellently, even with its small size, ensuring you will have a whole room covered in light with the use of just a small little unit.

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