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Hansgrohe 04342000 Raindance S 150 AIR Green 1-Jet Showerhead, Chrome

$ 104.99
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SKU: 04342000
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The Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 AIR Green 1-Jet Showerhead in Chrome 04342000. One of the major innovations is AirPower technology: water jets mixed with air turn into a gentle rain shower or a powerful massage jet. The QuickClean feature makes it easy to rub limescale deposit off the flexible silicone jets. Raindance S AIR features modern styling. Each drop of water is infused with air, for an invigorating high-performance shower. Hansgrohe has the right solution for you. Enjoy every moment, each one is unique, just like your Hansgrohe shower.

People are different, and so are their shower preferences. Different shower shapes, sizes, and sprays make every shower experience fun and unique for each person. Hansgrohe offers a wide variety of Raindance showers, so everyone can find their perfect shower.

  • Spray mode: RainAir
  • Oversized 6" spray face
  • AIR-injection technology
  • Features Rubit cleaning system
  • 96 no-clog spray channels
  • Concentrated 5.3” diameter
  • 1/2” standard pipe connection
  • 2.0 GPM flow rate for thorough coverage

RainAir Spray Mode: Every drop of water bursts forth from a large, wide jet creating large voluminous drops enriched with air.

QuickClean Feature: Easy-to-clean silicone spray channels enable you to easily wipe away deposits from nozzles for optimal performance.

AirPower Technology: Delivers air-enriched drops that are fuller, lighter and softer – resulting in an invigorating high-performance spray, and a more pleasurable shower experience.

Quick Clean: Calcareous water, dirt, cleaning agents; faucets and showers have to be able to withstand a lot. QuickClean technology gives you the power to make residues disappear in an instant. With the silicon nozzles, Hansgrohe has fitted to its faucet aerators and shower jets, dirt and limescale can be rubbed off with ease. This innovation adds infinite value, as products that are well maintained and limescale free remain functional and last longer.

QuickClean Technology For Showers:

AirPower: The innovators at Hansgrohe have invented something ground-breaking with their release of the AirPower shower heads. A plentiful supply of air is sucked in via the spray disc of the AirPower shower, and the incoming water is infused with that air causing an effect you will notice immediately. Plumper, lighter and softer droplets of water will envelop your skin creating a wonderful sense of well-being. In addition to a better shower experience, your demand for water will also be drastically reduced.



 Save water and protect the climate Hansgrohe faucets and showers fitted with EcoRight technology require up to 60% less water than conventional products – and without any loss of comfort. You can then reduce your water and energy costs and save valuable resources EcoRight is therefore good for both the environment and your wallet.

How does that work? By adding air and by using a special water flow controller. The EcoRight aerator is built into the spout of the faucet and enriches the water with air. The result: a full, bubbling jet of water. A “precision elastomer” compensates for different water pressures, even when the pressure fluctuates, ensuring a constant dependable performance and a consistently powerful water jet. It limits the flow, while maintaining performance, thus conserving drinking water.

Spray Type – RainAir


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