EconoHome Indoor Underfloor Heating Mat - With WiFi Thermostat

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Braeburn Digital Thermostat
Programmable wi fi thermostat
Affordable wifi thermostat

The EconoHome underfloor heating mat keeps your floors comfortably warm no matter how cold it gets with our heater floor mat system. It comes in various sizes to suit your needs covering 5 to 70 square feet!

With the EconoHome heated flooring system, electrical shocks can be the least of your concerns. The electric floor heaters are fitted with fluoropolymer insulated jackets for safety.

Our electric floor heating system under tile setup works with tile, wooden, or laminate flooring. They'll keep your feet warm and comfortable whatever floors you have at home. Sleek and unobtrusive, these heating mats go under your floors without causing any problems. They're ideally thin, so you won't have any issues using them in your home renovation.

Each electric heating mat is fitted with a GFCI underfloor heating thermostat. It's a WiFi-enabled tile heated floor system compatible with Google and Alexa for easier adjustments.



Surface  Wattage
FHM-300W-25SQF+GFCI-TH 25 x 25 300
FHM-360W-30SQF+GFCI-TH 30 x 30 360
FHM-420W-35SQF+GFCI-TH 49 x 49 420
FHM-600W-50SQF+GFCI-TH 50 x 50 600
FHM-720W-60SQF+GFCI-TH 60 x 60 720
FHM-840W-70SQF+GFCI-TH 70 x 70 840