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Looking for an EconoHome wall heater? Browse a great selection at everyday low prices right here at Wholesale Home. Whether you’re looking for electric panel wall heaters or a wall-mounted electric heater with thermostat capabilities, we’ve got you covered. All items are backed by the quality that you rightfully expect from Econo heat products.

An EconoHome wall heater can make all of the difference when it comes to the comfort of your home. To find your best option, consider the size of the space that you need heating as well as whether you are looking for smart home capabilities. EconoHome smart products connect right to your phone for easy control regardless of where you are and use a convector method to circulate air with as much energy efficiency as possible.

EconoHome smart electric wall heaters are designed for consistency, with temperature-controlled regulations that ensure you stay as warm and comfortable as possible in your home. Benefits include better air circulation, as well as minimal losses from radiant heat. EconoHome heating panels are safe for use around kids and pets and help you maintain a higher room temperature with more consistency—a necessity during the colder months.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your comfort level. Shop our selection of EconoHome products and take control of both the temperature and the energy efficiency of your home. Browse above to find Econo products at wholesale prices and enjoy fast, reliable, and free shipping on all orders.

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