EconoHome - Heat Cable for Pipe Freeze Protection

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Pipe Heat Cables
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Programmable wi fi thermostat
Affordable wifi thermostat

UV-Protected Heat Tape for Pipes

Each heavy-duty pipe heat tape are made to withstand UV rays. You need not worry about sun exposure interfering with the heat cord's high-performance output.

Built Tough for Ice Protection

Designed to withstand external stressors, and impacts, this anti-freeze heated tape is covered in a Polyolefin outer sheath and cross-linkable polymer insulation.

Ultra-Smart Heat Tracing Engineering

A built-in light indicator lets you know that the water pipe heater is working. Its built-in thermostat cuts in at 8.5°C and cuts off automatically at 15.5°C.

Silent & Unobtrusive

These pipe wrap insulation cables stay quiet and tucked away all winter. The clean black exterior won't look out of place against your pipes or cause any undue distractions.

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