BRK First Alert - SCO2B Battery Powered Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Alarm Type Smoke & Carbon Monoxide
Power Source Battery
Ionization & Electrochemical
Interconnects No
Battery 9V 

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As one of the most intelligent BRK smoke detectors, the BRK SCO2B model is an electrochemical battery-powered smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. This model is fully capable of detecting and alerting occupants about traditional smoke particles and the deadly buildup of carbon monoxide. You’ll get trusted protection against all possibilities!

By utilizing the latest advancements in intelligent sensing, this BRK first alert alarm reduces the occurrence and frequency of nuisance alarms. As a leading choice for commercial smoke alarms, the SCO2B is perfect for residential or institutional applications like homes, hospitals, hotels, and dormitories.

Equipped with a long-lasting 9V battery armed with a loud 85dB horn, the SCO2B gives you two silencing features: a mechanism for quieting any nuisance alarm and low battery chirps for up to 8 hours. Also, included with the package is a mount with brackets and screws, plus a dust and contamination cover to protect against elemental damage. Coming with a guaranteed 10-year warranty, this model makes for a great security addition.


  • 9V Alkaline Battery Powered
  • Intelligent Sensing TechnologyTM helps reduce the number of nuisance alarms
  • Perfect Mount - allows for easy alignment of alarm
  • Latching Alarm Indicator
  • Dust Cover
  • Single test/silence button
  • End of Life Signal provides audible notification alarms needs to be replaced
  • 10-Years Limited Warranty

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