BRK First Alert 9120LBL Hardwired Smoke Alarm - 10 Year Battery

$ 26.99
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Alarm Type Smoke
Power Source Hardwired
Interconnects Yes
Battery 10 Year

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The First Alert 9120LBL hardwired smoke alarm connects directly to your home electrical system. In the event of a power outage, the smoke/CO alarm is equipped with a 10-year lithium battery backup. The battery drawer is shipped pre-locked so the battery will not be discarded prematurely. The "Smart Technology" system is designed to reduce nuisance alarms. "Latching alarm indication" remembers which unit initiated an alarm. The "perfect mount" system features a gasket-less base and a mounting bracket that keeps the alarm secure over a wide rotation range to allow for true alignment. Under normal conditions, you should not have to replace the battery for the life of the alarm.

The First Alert BRK Brands Hardwired Smoke & Alarm with 10-Year Sealed Battery is a performance-rich solution that includes numerous safety enhancers to ensure maximum overall protection. 

First Alert BRK Brands Hardwired Smoke Alarms feature a near-effortless installation process and are easily maintained. The premier in functionality and affordability, this smoke, and carbon monoxide alarm utilizes Intelligent Sensing Technology to drastically reduce the number of nuisance alarms triggered. A single button test/silence function and Dust Cover have been included to increase overall convenience and additional peace of mind. A Perfect Mount has also been implemented. This addition effectively increases the number of installation options tenfold.

All BRK First Alert Electronics smoke alarms meet UL 217 standard and are listed with the California State Fire Marshal. They use the new UL mandated repeating 85-decibel alarm horn pattern. 10-year limited warranty. For a full list of states and cities requiring 10 Year alarms click here. 

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