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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

Indoor Lighting Trends for 2023

When you’re looking at the different lighting trends for this upcoming year, it’s important to consider both functionality and style when choosing the various light fixtures for your space. From LED lights built into couches to oversized glass chandeliers in the kitchen, the lighting you choose will set the tone of your home or business.

To help inspire your search for the perfect light fixture for your home or office, we’ve put together some of our favorite interior lighting trends for 2023:

Latest Lighting Trends 2023

When looking at the latest lighting trends for 2023, there are a variety of both new and enduring styles and designs that we forecast will be popular this year. Some of these are room-specific, while others can be used in all sorts of creative ways. Let your imagination run wild!  

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Lighting

Sustainability is definitely “in” for 2023 and will likely remain so well into the future, meaning the continued prevalence of LED lighting. Not only are LEDs remarkably energy efficient, but the different shapes also give you the flexibility to design a space creatively. Plus, with their low heat output, LED lights can be embedded into furniture or paired with delicate fabrics.

Not limited to energy-efficient LEDs, the sustainability trend also includes light fixtures that are made from natural, recycled, and recyclable materials. These include glass, wood, bamboo, and even natural grasses—all of which will help make your home or office more environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Mix and Match Metallic Finishes

For those who love to mix and match various fixtures and appliances, one of the newest lighting trends is to utilize a variety of metallic finishes. This is a particularly popular trend for kitchen lighting, where mixing and matching gold, brass, and other metallic fixtures will play well with stainless steel or wood-finished appliances. 

For instance, this 8 Light Chandelier with natural brass finish is the perfect way to add a stylish modern accent above your kitchen island or table.

Layered Lighting

Among the newest lighting trends in 2023 is layered lighting. Trendy and stylish, layering different levels of lighting adds depth to the room while also providing functional benefits. That could mean mixing floor lamps with table lamps and recessed lights in a living room or pairing back-lit mirrors in a bathroom with LED vanity lights to create a fuller light profile.

Unique Pendant Lighting

Not simply reserved for above the kitchen island, pendant lights will be seen in every room of the house in 2023. Glass pendants, in particular, are rising in popularity due to their bright translucence and ability to complement almost any design style. In terms of placement, one popular trend for open floor plans is hanging unique pendant lights above dining tables. 

The bell-shaped pendant from Everly, with its glass-blown, bronze finish, provides a uniquely simple yet elegant look.

Extra Large Chandeliers

When looking at lighting trends, many people think simply of modern light fixtures. But as the saying goes, everything that’s old eventually becomes new again. And so it is with large, over-scaled chandeliers, which sit near the top of the latest lighting trends for this upcoming year. 

Professional interior designers agree that nothing makes a more dramatic impact on a room than an oversized chandelier, and while these fixtures have traditionally been pricey, there are now plenty of affordable options available on the market.

The six-light Stella Mira chandelier costs less than $150 and is a dramatically scaled open sphere with a vintage, barn wood, and oil-rubbed bronze finish, providing a charming, casual visual piece that pairs perfectly with multiple styles.

Here are some other 2023 lighting trends to consider:

Glam Glass – Color-infused, wavy, seeded, ribbed, and frosted glass, as seen in this five-light chandelier with frosted seeded glass, is having a big moment in 2023.

Lighting Sculptures – Beautiful and functional, a big dining room trend is to incorporate lighting into artful displays, such as blown-glass pieces made into unique shapes.

Lighting Controlled by Smartphone – Welcome to the future of modern light fixtures. Lights controlled via a smartphone are among the newest lighting trends, giving you control over both the atmosphere and energy consumption in your house or office via your mobile device. 

Wall Sconces – If you’re lacking floor space, one lighting trend to consider is using wall sconces rather than floor lamps. Available in a wide array of styles, you can even incorporate an adjustable sconce that can be tucked away when not in use.

Special Table Lamps – When layering the lighting in a room, table lamps are essential. It could be something like a sleek and simple adjustable LED desk lamp or a large antique lamp you picked up at a flea market. Whatever fits your style!

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