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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

Implement These Simple, But Effective Home Safety Tips While On Vacation

Understanding the necessary precautions and home safety tips while on vacation is an essential component of your journey. Leaving your house for weeks at a time can be a risky endeavor, especially if your property isn’t equipped with the latest technology. The last thing you want is your precious getaway interrupted by some home disaster that could have been avoided. To protect your home while on vacation, there are small yet effective measures you can take, from making simple, but critical home upgrades to ensuring that certain amenities are shut off and your property is being looked after.

If you’re planning a long getaway in the coming weeks, consider the following safety tips and ensure that your home is protected while you’re away. 

  • Install smart thermostats
  • You wouldn’t want your HVAC system needlessly cooling or heating empty rooms. To prevent that from happening, install smart thermostats that can be programmed to adjust the temperature remotely so you come back to a comfortable home.

  • Put a hold on mail deliverables
  • Anyone can tell you are away from home if your mailbox or door mat is overfilled with packages, mail, and magazines. To ensure this doesn’t happen, let your local post office know you are leaving so they can hold all your mail till you return. 

  • Make sure the main water supply is off
  • Coming home to a flooded or damaged house from pipes bursting or the water heater exploding is something no one wants to experience. So make sure you turn off the water supply before heading off for vacation. Not only will it help save money, but also prevent water hazards from taking place. 

    Tip: Leaks and frozen pipes can cause serious damage to your home. With the Honeywell Lyric Water Leak and Freeze detector, you can get an early warning even if you are not home.

  • Install a smart lock
  • If you do not trust anyone with your house keys, you should consider investing in a smart lock. This addition is beneficial and valuable in the long run, with temporary codes being sent to you if someone needs to get inside.

  • Have someone house sit
  • If you do not want to leave your house empty, hiring someone to house sit is another excellent way to keep it secured. Whether this is a family member, friend, or a professional house sitter, they can perform all the duties you need them to while ensuring nothing goes wrong.

  • Don’t leave a key hidden near your house
  • Make sure any spare keys are with trusted friends or family members only.

  • Install sensor lights
  • This small investment could make a big difference. Having smart outdoor lights that switch on if someone approaches your house can help alert you and scare off intruders. You can turn these off during the day and have them on at night, so it seems like someone is home. 

    You can also install a wall timer that can turn your lights on and off on a schedule, or set it to randomly activate lights to give the impression that the house is occupied. 

  • Make sure your garage door is disconnected
  • Where there is technology, there is the option of hacking it. Criminals who are more experienced may easily open garage doors through universal remotes, so make sure you either disconnect your opener completely or install a manual lock.

  • Clear gutters and storm drains
  • If there is a powerful storm while you are away, and water starts accumulating near your home, or seeping into your basement, you will be facing a lot of damage. Make sure your gutters and storm drains are thoroughly cleaned of debris before you leave.

  • Install a Smart security camera system
  • Having the best outdoor camera system installed is a well worth investment for frequent travelers. In addition, there are several outdoor home security devices that can connect to your phone, making sure you are always kept in the loop when something goes wrong. You can also install a security camera like the Ring Floodlight Camera, or Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell, both allowing communication to the person at the house.

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    Our extensive inventory of home safety products come from trusted and reliable brands you'd find at any home improvement store, just minus the price tag. Browse our home safety selection today, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

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