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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

Illuminate Your Home: Affordable Outdoor Flood Lights and Landscape Lighting

Equipping your home with outdoor flood lights or landscape and pathway lighting is just as important as protecting your house from threats.

Don’t get us wrong, protection is extremely important, but other home improvement items are also necessary to help accentuate aesthetics and show off your beautiful home. Lighting can make all the difference, and if you’ve spent the time, money, and effort into purchasing your home, then let everyone see it!

Do Homes Even Need Aesthetic Improvement?

Of course they do. Let’s say you’ve bought an expensive sports car after years of hard work and money saving. Sure, you’d spend the resources to get the best brakes, airbags, and seatbelts available, but your upgrades wouldn’t necessarily stop there. You’ll want to show off your investment, and maybe upgrade your exhaust or headlights or select a unique paint job.

It’s the same concept with your house! Be proud of the home you have by adorning your yard with complementing landscape lights or intricate pathway illumination.

Every property can benefit from installing outdoor lighting equipment, and these additions can help:

  • Appearance - makes your architecture stand out
  • Functionality - enjoy your yard when you want - not just when the sun’s out
  • Safety and security - makes your home look less inviting to strangers
  • Extended decor - especially for commercial building owners looking to enhance the beauty of their property

Plus, if you’re planning on using LED flood light fixtures and low voltage outdoor lighting, you can enjoy even further benefits like:

  • Longevity - can last up to 10x longer than other bulb types
  • Eco-friendly, uses less electricity
  • Low heat emission
  • Low maintenance and replacement costs
  • Safe, doesn’t pose any additional risk
  • Free from mercury, lead, and carbon emissions
  • Brighter light to illuminate more space

If we’ve convinced you so far, then keep reading and get some tips on how to design your lighting for the best results. If you’re planning on giving your home the attention it deserves, then make sure you do it right.

How To Design Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting design is a fairly simply process with a couple key components. It all starts in the imagination where first you form ideas for your landscape layout. Take a walk through your property during the day and at night and identify focal points like large trees or delicate water features. Anything that stands out as a centerpiece or primary component works perfectly. Once these focal points have been identified, all that’s left is:

Want To Know Where To Buy Outdoor Lights?

Wholesale Home Improvement Products is the first place you should be searching for all your illumination needs! We’re authorized distributors for every brand we carry and not only will you brighten up your property aesthetically, but you’ll also help protect your home from burglars and unwanted pests while saving money AND saving the ecosystem at the same time.

We have one of the most diverse selections of outdoor lighting fixtures  that consist of only the most well-known brand names. Check out below what our products can do for you and why we’re considered one of the best options for online home improvement shopping.

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