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Latest Trends & Tips

How to Update Your Home on a Budget

How to Update Your Home on a Budget

As suppliers of wholesale home products, we hear from a lot of people who are wondering how to update your home on a budget. And the good news is that there are plenty of DIY home décor ideas that can make a big difference in your home without breaking the bank.

When it comes to affordable home updates, the key is to think small but impactful. For example, while it’s certainly costly to renovate your entire kitchen, you can still dramatically change its entire appearance just by painting the cabinets and swapping out light fixtures—and for a whole lot less.

So what are some ways to update a home without spending a ton? We’ll share some of our favorite ideas below.

5 Ways to Update Your Home on the Cheap

We’re all about figuring out quick and affordable ways to update your home. Here are five ideas you might want to start with.

  1. Spray Paint Projects

DIY spray paint projects are a great option for when you want to get the effects of painting but don’t want to buy a shopping cart’s worth of supplies. With one simple can of spray paint, you can do everything from turn drab furniture into showstopping pieces to update your outlets, switch covers, and light fixtures. It’s a quick pick-me-up for anything that could use a pop of color, with near-instant results.

  1. Update Your Cabinets

Completely change the look and feel of kitchens and bathrooms by tackling some easy cabinet changes. Remove cabinets, surface prep them, and then paint them, then take it one step further by adding in new and modern hardware. For the cost of some paint (spray paint works here too, by the way) and cabinet pulls—plus some hours of your time—you can achieve an update that only looks like a more extensive renovation.

  1. Add Trim to Windows and Doors

Think you need a contractor’s license and some serious woodworking skills to add trim to your windows and doors? Think again. You can actually do this project all on your own with some wood planks, nails, caulk, and paint. Putting on window and door trim adds a lot of visual interest to previously bland spaces, and has the added benefit of looking like it costs a lot more than it actually does.

  1. Get Creative With Your Décor

Home décor updates can majorly change the appearance of a room—and they don’t have to be super costly. For example, adding mirrors to your walls can visually extend the depth of a room, while statement pieces like a cool table or retro bar stools can bring together a previously incohesive design. To get a good deal on décor updates, we recommend starting with secondhand stores and estate sales, since you can find high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces that might be just what you need to tie a room together. Try to think outside the box when you’re shopping for décor, and remember that you can easily change paint colors and hardware to suit an otherwise stunning piece to your personal style.

  1. Swap Out Your Showerhead

Bathroom updates are notoriously pricey, so instead of thinking big picture focus on the little things that you can do to make a difference. One of the best options here: swap out your showerhead, which can turn even an old and uninspired shower into a spa-like experience, and can make your bathroom more energy efficient to boot.

Don’t let a tight budget stop you from making your home all your own. At Wholesale Home, we offer products for a wide range of home improvement needs all at affordable wholesale pricing. Shop paint, lighting, plumbing updates, and more, and get started on your next DIY project! 

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