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What Are the Benefits of a Home Water Purification System?

Of all the corners you can cut in life, the quality of your home’s water isn’t one of them. We depend on clean water for everything from healthy drinking to effective cleaning, meaning there’s a lot riding on ensuring access to the highest quality H20. And that’s where the benefits of a home water purification system, and in particular a reverse osmosis system, really stand out, providing you with a simple, no-fuss method for always having the best water right out of the faucet. 

So, what are those benefits? Here are some of the big ones, plus general info on what to consider as you choose and install a reverse osmosis water system.

4 Reasons to Buy a Reverse Osmosis System for Your Home

Water may be clear and tasteless, but there’s a lot more going on in there than you might think. Here’s how a whole-home or countertop water purification system benefits your water – and why it’s worth investing in one for your home.

1. Improved Drinking Water

Water should be good enough to drink right out of the tap, though many homeowners find that that’s not the case. Water purification systems remove any problems impacting the drinkability of your tap water, improving its quality in smell, taste, and appearance so that you can enjoy fresh water without buying it by the bottle.

2. Filtered Water for Cleaning, Cooking, and Bathing

We use water for a whole lot more than just drinking. A home water purification system improves all of the water in your home, so it’s not just better for drinking but also for everything else that you need it for. The result is purer water for bathing, cleaning, and cooking, as well as for appliances like your clothes washer and dishwasher.

3. Removal of Contaminants

A top-rated reverse osmosis system removes up to 99.9% of contaminants that are found in water, including organic materials like viruses and bacteria. It also removes chemical contaminants such as lead, copper, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. And because of this, your home’s water isn’t just cleaner, but it’s safer too, which is extremely important for the overall health of your family.

4. Eco-Friendliness

Using a home water filtration system is great for the environment, since it completely removes any reliance on plastic bottles and low-quality filtered pitchers. It also helps protect the lifespan of your appliances, leading to less energy usage and less waste.

Which Water Filter Removes the Most Contaminants?

When it comes to removing contaminants from your water, you just can’t beat the power of reverse osmosis. 

A reverse osmosis system uses two filters to produce optimally clean water. The first is a carbon and sediment filter which removes chlorine, VOCs, and other unwanted materials. The second is a semipermeable membrane that filters and flushes away remaining contaminants like the organic and chemical ones mentioned above. 

What you’re left with is impeccably clean water. And if you go with a whole-house system, that water will be available for every use you might need it for.

Things to Consider Before You Buy and Install Reverse Osmosis Systems

As with any major home improvement, a reverse osmosis system price comparison is always going to be a good place to start when selecting your best fit. But it’s not the only thing to keep in mind. 

Other factors that should play in to your decision include:

  • Filters – Beyond the basics, there are a variety of reverse osmosis filters to choose from. There are also differences in terms of filter prices, how often filters need to be changed, and where and how to purchase filters. 
  • Water pressure – Reverse osmosis systems use pressure, not electricity, to function. That means they require a certain base level of pressure to work, usually about 40 psi (pounds per square inch). Make sure your home has sufficient water pressure before purchase and installation so you know you can support the requirements of the system. 
  • Water capacity – Different systems provide you with different amounts of ready-to-use water. Look at the water capacity of a system to figure out if a certain system will meet the needs of your family, noting that each person requires anywhere from 60 to 100 gallons per day
  • There are so many good reasons to buy a home water purification system. Start your search for the perfect system for your needs at Wholesale Home, and take a big step toward ensuring that your water is as pure – and as safe – as can be. 

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