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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

When it comes to decluttering your home, there are plenty of easy spring cleaning tips that can help get you on the right track. And, if you’re planning on a full spring refresh, we’ll fill you in on all of the best home improvement supplies that can make all the difference in your newly designed space. Tackling the most cluttered areas in the home can be a breeze with these helpful tips: 

  1. Get creative with organization systems 

Creating an organization system unique to your needs is so important in the decluttering process. To get the most out of your space, you’ll want to invest in home storage organizers that can store away everyday items neatly, while keeping them easy to find at all times. If you’re ready to get started, investing in bulk Sterilite containers is the perfect first step. From clear 3 drawer units with white frames to a variety of plastic indoor storage baskets, these quality and durable products will help you get organized in any room of your home. 

    2. Clear out the kitchen 

      Nothing quite compares to cooking in a beautiful, clean, and well-organized kitchen. And, while it’s easy to wash the dishes and rinse off the counters, every kitchen could use a friendly deep cleaning. Here are a few places to start: 

      • Clean out the pantry: throw away or donate unused food products, wipe down the shelves and organize each level based on food type 
      • Wash your counters: give all your counters a deep scrub and remove any lingering food residue 
      • Wash your kitchen cabinets: these cabinets can get dusty and dirty real quick, so make sure you wipe them down 
      • Deep clean the oven: some ovens have a built in cleaning mechanism but it helps to spot check inside every so often 
      • Vacuum and mop behind your fridge: if you have the means to move your refrigerator, we recommend vacuuming/mopping the floor underneath, you should also wash the outside and deep clean the inside of your fridge 

      Once the kitchen is looking squeaky clean, it’s best to go through each item and decide if you’re going to keep it, or discard it. Once you’ve decided on the essentials, we offer a variety of high-quality Rev-A-Shelf kitchen organizers to keep everything in place. 

      1. Banish bathroom clutter

      After a busy day at work, there’s nothing better than taking a relaxing bath or        shower—except if they are visibly dirty. Making it a routine to clean your tub, toilet, and countertops properly goes a long way, and it’s super easy! Here’s a few places to start: 

      • Clean and disinfect the tub, shower, and countertops
      • Wash your bath mats regularly, many bath mats are machine washable, too
      • Dust and replace decorative items 
      • Wash or replace shower liners and shower curtains

      If you’re looking for cleaning products more powerful than everyday brands, we suggest Home Armor’s Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover, ideal for cleaning tile, grout, tubs, toilets, fiberglass, shower doors, vinyl curtains, counters, and sinks. 

      1. Refresh your home 

      When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s important to remember to reset the little things that you may not think about on a daily basis in and around your home. For example, it’s always  a good idea to update all of your first aid kits and toss expired medications. In addition, it’s important to charge the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and to check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher.

      If you need any replacements, we invite you to browse our wide selection of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers

      It’s equally as important to make sure the electronics in your home are disinfected—you would be surprised just how many germs and dust particles can accumulate over the year, just on your keyboard alone! 

      You can also store away or donate any winter items you’re not using, and sweep around the house to keep things tidy. From your bedroom and bathroom to living room and kitchen, make sure to clean and wash baseboards, curtains, drapes, blinds, and windows to clear out any pet dander, dust mites, or grime.

      1. Convert chaos into calm with easy decluttering home tips 

      According to, experts claim that spring cleaning can have a number of health benefits. From strengthening your immune system to reducing stress and depression, a little cleaning can go quite a long way. In fact, studies have found that having a clutter-free and relaxing home can have a positive effect on your daily mood and ability to focus.

      Wholesale Home

      Here at Wholesale Home, we’re committed to helping you with every aspect of your home improvement goals. Our extensive inventory of home improvement products come from trusted and reliable brands you'd find at any home improvement store, at much more affordable prices. Make sure to browse our wide selection of home organizing products, and please contact us with any questions you may have. 

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