Weigh Safe - Fixed Height Ball Mount - 2" Drop - 2" Receiver

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 Max GTW 10,000 lbs
Max Tongue 1,500 lbs

Ball Mount
Weigh Safe
 Automotive,Weigh Safe
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Our built-in high strength stainless steel scale makes managing your trailer’s weight distribution both safer for you and your family by ensuring a properly balanced trailer load and simple by instantaneously providing a tongue weight measurement every time you couple your trailer. This eliminates the need to purchase additional tongue weight scales, which can cost you hundreds of dollars and increases the speed at which you properly set up your trailer.

The Stainless Steel Tongue Weight Hydraulic Gauge of the fixed height ball mount is designed to have industry-leading accuracy. The Stainless Steel Coil is protected by a Strengthened Polycarbonate Lens allowing us to guarantee an accuracy of within 30 LBS. All of our Weigh Safe scales come standard with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. We will repair your gauge at no cost for the life of the ball mount.

This Fixed Height Mount is designed to function with any 2" receiver found on most SUV's and Half-Ton Trucks. The Fixed Height Ball Mount is compatible with Receiver Reducers in order to function with both 2.5" & 3" Receivers. This Fixed Height Ball Mount has a 1" (1 Inch Vertical Height ) Tow Ball Platform and is designed to function with Tow Balls with a 1" Diameter Main Shaft (Shank).

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