Vector Climate Max Smart Mobile Climate Control System

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Air Delivery  9,000 CFM
Velocity 35 MPH
Power Usage 100-1000W
Input Voltage 120 V
Cooling Capacity Up to 25° (2,000-2,500 sq ft)

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Vector Climate
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Meet Vector, the first smart mobile climate control system to revolutionize the science of heat mitigation through intelligent airflow. Say goodbye to obstructive evaporative cooling systems and welcome a new era of mobile cooling and heating technology all in one system.

A masterpiece of modern engineering, Vector has reimagined the art of cooling through the constant pursuit of disruptive innovation. Our patent-protected CrossFlowTM system utilizes the industry’s first bladed cylinder technology to control 110° of air-powered oscillation.

Unlike other systems, Vector strategically maximizes airflow through complex computational fluid dynamics. We used low viscosity liquids to optimize and measure airflow while simultaneously fine-tuning unwanted sound. The result is a dynamic system that produces vast amounts of consistent airflow with significantly lower noise levels. The Vector system can influence air temperatures up to 25° depending on ambient temperatures while keeping decibels under 60db.

We accomplished these low sound levels through innovation and computational fluid dynamics. What does this mean? Traditional rotating “axial” fans (One large blade) may produce lots of airflows but are quite noisy. Similar to an airplane propeller, air runs alongside the edge of each blade, creating a shock wave that ultimately creates noise. We eliminate this excess noise through turbulent-free and balanced airflow.

The epitome of performance, Vector influences air temperature up to 25°, produces a fraction of the noise pollution compared to industry alternatives, accentuates a sleek black chrome exterior with smart LED lighting, and empowers users with WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled, the mobile command center for seamless control and analytics.


  • Durability – We constructed Vector’s body and blade guards out of some of the toughest and longest-lasting materials on the planet. These materials are engineered to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures, as well as impacts from rigorous use and transportation. Where many products may become tarnished or discolored from direct sunlight, Vector is 100% UV protected and waterproof.
  • Performance – Everything about Vector has been optimized for airflow, heating, and misting. Vector features tangential power blades that maximize airflow while minimizing noise.
  • Versatility – Our engineering team and designers wanted to create one functionally advanced system that features evaporative cooling, misting, and heating all in one. Vector is designed to provide cooling up to 9,000 CFM with the ability to lower temperatures by up to 25 degrees in hot climates but can easily be converted to a 35,000 BTU heater, thus eliminating the need to have two separate systems.
  • Portability – Vector is easy to transport with its heavy-duty wheels and ability to tilt like a hand truck. You can fill the tank once and run the system for up to 72 hours (depending on the misting level).
  • No visible moving parts - Vector utilizes patent-protected CrossFlow technology to deliver steady head-to-toe airflow over a customizable 110° range. All of the systems are enclosed behind a weatherproof shell that you can hose down whenever it needs cleaning without worrying about damaging electronic parts.


Command Air (for iOS & Android)

The Vector Mobile Command Center allows our users to customize their atmosphere with an intuitive user interface that can easily be downloaded from the app store on any IOS or Android device. You can even design your own customized schedule, so the system turns on and off without the need to do it manually. Below is a list of features and benefits of the mobile app:

  • WiFi + Bluetooth-enabled
  • Smart home capability
  • Select multiple Vector systems
  • Blade power, oscillation direction, and vapor level control.
  • Runtime schedule, usage, and history log
  • Cleaning status
  • Power consumption
  • The water level in the reservoir
  • Temperature + humidity