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Ideal for quick responses to fast flaming fires, this USI electric smoke detector best protects your family against sudden threats and dangers. Whether it’s a new installation or a replacement, this model detector is perfect for houses, apartments, and mobile homes.

Equipped with a convenient silencer option, non-hazardous alarms, and low-danger situations can be temporarily quieted. Its smart interconnect feature allows for the linkage of 18 additional interconnected smoke alarms. In the event of power outages, this wired smoke alarm comes stocked with a 9-volt battery that will take over once any kind of power interference is detected. This will ensure a continuous flow of power at all times.  

When smoke particles are detected inside the chamber, the alarm will flash its red LED light, and when it’s running idly, the green LED light will indicate the alarm is functioning properly. The model is fully protected by dust and contaminant covers, meaning removal of the alarm is unnecessary during any construction or renovation procedures.

As one of the leading wired smoke detectors, this model is UL listed, and approved by both the California State Fire Marshal and the Federal Housing Authority. For maximum protection, install the USI electric smoke detector 1204 inside every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on all levels of the home.


  • Includes 9V Battery
  • Fast And Easy Installation
  • Audible Low Battery Indicator
  • Alarm and Power Test Button
  • Dual Chamber Ionization Sensor
  • Loud 85 Decibel Horn
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Replaces USI-1208 
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty

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  • I purchased several USI Smoke and Fire Alarms several years, Model USI-1204. The fire department replaced batteries in alarms out of my reach and took two of my alarms down and said they were outdated and no good. I was able to find two of the USI 1204 models and installed them. They're chirping right now but I know that will stop soon - new alarms do this I'm told. My question is this: the model listed above is 1204 HA. Is there any difference in this and the plain 1204? Can I use the 1204 ?

    1204HA is the same model as the 1204 

  • I have model 1204 smoke detectors in my home and all 4 went off simultaneously with no fire or smoke hazard. What can be the problem, do they need to be replaced or have new batteries installed? I'm lost! Please help!

    Your smoke detectors are probably interconnected, which would explain why they are all going off at once.  If they are interconnected, when one detector goes off, it triggers the other detectors to go off also.  If that is the case, you will want to check which one(s) is/are triggering the other detectors (called the Originating Smoke Alarm).  Please refer to the products Troubleshooting Guide to determine which one is the Originating Detector.

    Once you have determined which detector of the four is triggering the others to go off, you'll need to determine what is setting it off, if no smoke is present. 

    From the USI 1204 Troubleshooting Guide:  "If there is no visible hazard present, turn off AC Power at the circuit breaker or fuse box and disconnect the alarm from the mounting bracket and make sure the connector plug is securely attached. Press the test button to see if the alarm is functioning properly. Check that the alarm is mounted in the correct location away from areas with high humidity or turbulent air (refer to User's Manual)."

    One of the most common causes of unnecessary smoke alarms is steam or dust in the air.  Very often, one of the smoke detectors is located 
     - too close to the bathroom and gets set off when someone opens the door after taking a hot shower, or is
     - too close to a stove, where normal combustion and steam (caused by cooking) occur or
     - too close to a dishwasher or washing machine, where the high humidity can trigger a false alarm. 

    In these cases, you should relocate the smoke detector to be at least 3 ft (0.9 m) away from the problematic area (refer to User's Manual, specifically pages 2 and 3). 

    In any case, you should thoroughly read the USI 1204 Troubleshooting Guide and the USI 1204 User's Manual for more information, and if you still are having problems either let us or the manufacturer know.

  • Will this fit the base and connector for the USI-1208?

    Yes the USI 1204 is a direct replacement for the USI 1208 there is no need to change the base or the wiring. 

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