Ultraloq - Key Fob

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Key Fob
 Door Locks,Home Safety,Ultraloq
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For those who don't want to use a smartphone or fingerprint, they can unlock their Ultraloq UL1, Combo, and UL300 with a contactless key fob. Once you present the key fob in the vicinity of the handle, the door will instantly unlock. Ideal for kids and the elderly.


  • Contactless key fob
  • 13.56MHz frequency Smart Technology
  • Waterproof
  • Come with keyring
  • Perfect for people like kids and elderly who don't use a smartphone
  • Work with Ultraloq UL1, Combo and UL300

 Please note every Ultraloq UL1, combo or UL300 comes with key fobs included, but you can purchase extra key fobs for additional users.