Ultraloq - Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lever Lock

$ 179.00
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Connectivity Bluetooth , WiFi (Ultraloq Bridge is required)
Identification Mode Fingerprint, Code and Bluetooth
Working Voltage 4.5 V (3 X Alkaline AA Batteries)
Battery Life Up to 1 year (8000 times access)
Compatible Smart home Eco-system Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT 
Hardware type Lever
Door Handing Reversible

 Door Locks,Home Safety,Smart Doorlocks,Ultraloq

Ultraloq Lever is the most secure, and the most versatile smart door handle with keyless & phoneless entry ever created. The Bridge upgrade allows you to control the access to your door while you're away from your home and monitor all activity remotely.

With the available Ultraloq Bridge WiFi adaptor, you can control your Lever remotely on the U-tec App, receive smart notifications when someone unlocks the door, distribute eKeys and use voice commands with IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa. The App that is available for iOS and Android gives you complete control of your smart lever, allowing you to manage users and provide visitors like Airbnb guests temporary access codes, see a log record of who has entered and enables you to unlock your door with your smartphone. You can also control it directly from your Apple Watch.

Ultraloq Lever is a simple and safe security solution. Your fingerprint is your key that cannot be copied, stolen, or forgotten. All communications are encrypted with Two-Layer protection using secure 128-bit AES and a Dynamic Key that will keep you and your data safe. It is powered by 3 AA batteries that will give you 8,000 + times access, forget about locksmiths, just use the backup key, or an external battery to power it up temporarily. Ultraloq Lever will take only minutes to install, fits any standard US door with no wires or drilling needed.



  • 4-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock: Smartphone App + Fingerprint + Code + Mechanical Key. Apple Watch to open without carrying your iPhone. Never get locked out again!
  • Anti-peep Keypad: You can type in any number of random digits, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers
  • Auto-Lock / Unlock: Locks automatically as you leave and unlocks when you arrive
  • Share the Access to Your Home via Bluetooth: Grant access to your family, guests, or service people via a code or an eKey for permanent access, specific dates or periods of time. Ultraloq Bridge WiFi Adaptor is required for remote access (sold separately)
  • Security: Dual Data Encryption makes it impossible to unlock your door without your permission


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