Ultraloq - AutoBolt Add-on Smart Deadbolt

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Compatibility Ultraloq UL1, Combo and UL300
Working Voltage 6V (4 X Alkaline AA batteries)
Hardware type Deadbolt
Door Handing Reversible

 Door Locks,Home Safety,Ultraloq
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Transform your old deadbolt into the AutoBolt! When wirelessly paired with the Ultraloq UL1 this smart deadbolt provides a second layer of security in addition to fingerprint recognition. Automatically unlocks when the interior lever is turned down or after accessing the UL1 with your fingerprint, key fob, or smartphone. This feature can be disabled on the interior side in case you have a large pet or an adventurous child to prevent them from opening the door, potentially hurting themselves. Remotely unlock your front door, check deadbolt and lock status, manage users and more with the Ultraloq app and WiFi bridge (sold separately) or get the Combo WiFi bundle with the WiFi bridge included. The AutoBolt requires the Ultraloq UL1 Smart Lock and UB01 WiFi Bridge Adapter for wireless function.


  • An add-on smart deadbolt which works with Ultraloq UL1 (Ultraloq UL1 is required to use autobolt)
  • Deadbolt + latch two-point locking for higher security level
  • One touch unlocking, automatically unlock your deadbolt for you after Ultraloq UL1 is unlocked via fingerprint, key fob or smartphone.
  • Wirelessly connect with Ultraloq UL1
  • DIY installation with no drilling or wiring required
  • Work with Ultraloq UL1, Combo and UL300



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