TUO Cutlery - TC1226 - Black Hawk - Kithcen Heavy Duty Food Scissors

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 Blade material Alloy Steel
Handle material Engineered Wood
Color Black

SKU: TC1226
 TUO Cutlery
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The Black Hawk shears are made of German steel, which is one of the best steels worldwide. The high-quality steel enables the shears to endure years of use and maintain their brand-new condition.

The handle of Black Hawk shears adopts pakkawood from Africa which is carefully processed to provide you with a firm and comfortable grip. This anti-slip material also protects your hands while preparing food.

Black Hawk shears possess a unique outlook. After the meticulous design and countless improvements, we manage to bring you these gorgeous and powerful shears.

With the help of Black Hawk Shears, plenty of kitchen work become much easier. Small bones and vegetables and much other food will no longer remain tricky tasks, as Black Hawk shears are born to deal with this kind of food.

We believe in the quality of our product; therefore, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction or your money back! Come try it risk-free.