TPI 621 Dual Differential Input Manometer

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The TPI 621 Digital Differential Manometer can be used to accurately service and commission appliances. Suitable for adjusting appliance regulators, setting delivery pressures, leakage “shut-in” tests, regulator adjustments for pressure and lock-up tests, test pressure switch operation on a 2-stage gas appliance in both positive and negative pressures.

Dual Differential Input Manometer with ±120 inH2O range and 0.001 in H2O resolution. Seven units of pressure: inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI, mmH2O, mmHg, inHg, Auto power off, Backlight display, Zero function, Trim mode to stabilize readings.


  • Dual input with ±120" H2O range
  • 0.001" H2O maximum resolution
  • Seven units of measure (mbar, kPa, PSI, mmHg, inHg, mmH2O, inH2O)
  • Display 5 digit with backlight
  • Smooth Stabilizes display when measuring fluctuating pressures
  • Auto Off: Conserve battery power


Input Type Dual Differential (1/4" Barbed)
Functions One Touch Zero, Backlight , Smoothing
Battery Type 9 Volt Alkaline
Battery life 80 Hours
Auto Power Off 40 Minutes