Sterilite 32 Quart/30 Liter ClearView Latch Box, Clear with Sweet Plum Latches, 6-Pack

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With the Sterilite 17551706 32 Quart/30 Liter ClearView Latch Box, Clear with Sweet Plum Latches, will help you keep yourself organized with the contemporary styling and seven useful sizes of the ClearView Latch™ Box line. The 32 Quart ClearView Latch™ Box is ideal for storing linens, towels, clothing and more, and conveniently fits under a bed to keep items out of sight but close at hand. The clear base and lid allow contents to be easily identified from any angle. Color accented latches secure the lid to the base, yet are still easy to unlatch. The indexed lids allow same size storage boxes to stack neatly on top of each other to use vertical storage space efficiently. The 32 Qt and 66 Qt ClearView Latch™ Boxes use the same lid, allowing both the shallow and deep sizes to be stacked in the same footprint. The overall assembled dimensions for this item are 23 5/8" x 16 3/8" x 6 1/2".


  • Made In USA
  • Overall Assembled Size: 23 5/8" x 16 3/8" x 6 1/2" 
  • Provides solutions to a variety of household storage needs
  • Clear lid and base for easy identification and to make it easy to see the contents
  • Capacity: 32 Qt / 30 L
  • Includes 6 Boxes, 6 Lids
  • Colorful latches secure lid to base, keeping contents safely stored inside
  • Indexed lids allow for storage boxes to stack neatly on one another
  • Keep closet, crafts, and office items neatly contained by with these tough, stackable, latched totes
  • Secure latches snap shut so contents are secure
  • Indexed lids allow secure stacking
  • Resistant to air and moisture so your items stay safe and dry

Ideal Uses:

  • Stack multiple 32 Quart boxes on a shelf to keep shoes, belts or accessories neatly contained and easy to find.
  • Keep your cookie cutters and frosting supplies neatly contained, dust free and ready for use.
  • Keep your gift wrapping supplies neatly contained and easily accessible, while maximizing space beneath the bed.
  • Use these latching storage boxes to keep knitting, sewing and other craft supplies neatly contained and dust free.
  • Help bring order to your closet with the contemporary design and seven sizes of ClearView Latch™ Boxes. Clear lids and bases let you view contents from any angle!