Static Guard Fabric Spray, 5.5 Ounce

Static Guard


Type: Spray Starch


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Step out in confidence when you use the Static Guard Fresh Scent Static Cling Spray. It is handy and portable and fits perfectly in your bag, or whatever you would make use of it. its successfully eliminates those annoying flyaway hairs and clings. Take it with you when you have an important business meeting and want to look your best.

Static Guard spray is safe for all colorfast fabrics, even silk. It instantly prevents build-up and is specially formulated for use on clothes you are wearing. Use it to remove pet hair and lint and spray it on clothing, drapes and more. The 5.5 oz anti-static spray is purposefully made to be used when you're already dressed and ready to go. It can also protect computers and electronics. 

  • Static Guard static cling spray, specially formulated for use while you wear.
  • Safe for all color-fast clothes.
  • Stop flyaway hair Spray on brush.
  • Prevents static build up.

Hold can 6 - 10 inches from the item and spray lightly and evenly before wearing. When wearing clothing, spray outside of garment first. When spraying between garments, pull garments apart prior to spraying. Never spray and pull garments apart at the same time as this may cause a spark of electricity. May be used on clothing after it is pulled from the dryer. Do not spray inside the washer or dryer. Spot test on delicate fabrics.

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