Spin Doctor - Tile Leveling System - 1/16" Baseplates 2000Pc Bulk Box

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 Material Polymer
Included Components Leveling System

Tile Leveling System
Spin Doctor
 Spin Doctor
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  Prevents uneven tiles when laying floors, especially large format tile. Spaces, levels, and aligns all in one package. No additional installation tool is required. Simply kick away to remove after installation, caps reusable for multiple jobs.

pin Doctor is quicker and more easily used by first-time installers and seasoned pros alike and allows you to install large format tiles quickly and accurately.

See Configuration chart based on the size of tile. This shows the recommended usage per sq. ft. As a general rule of thumb, 2 per sq. ft.

The Spin Doctor Tile leveling system features a patented free-spin design that allows the cap to spin down the spacer screw with minimal effort. This allows installers to tighten the cap with only one hand, which is especially useful for installing large format tile.