Qkey Password Vault Security Key

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Security Key
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Qkey is a patented security key with an enhanced microchip that secures your online payment transactions combined with an electronic password keeper function which safely stores all your passwords & login info to all your secured web accounts. Conveniently carry this compact digital password vault wherever you go, insert it into the USB port of most computers to safely execute your desired web transactions with peace of mind.

Qkey uses multi-factor security, a physical security key with a strong security chip, one master password that gains access to the key, and the Smart Sensor that confirms you are physically present. As opposed to other two-factor authentication security keys, Qkey secures any online site and does not require for you to enter your password over and over again. Qkey obtains a military-grade encryption plus Infineon certification level CC EAL5+ security!

Your personal information can be backed up for easy restoration from either your PC or Cloud account and like the data stored on your Qkey, it’s always encrypted, in contrast to other password apps. You can also use Qkey Smart Chip to store and login to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Qkey contains a Low Energy Bluetooth feature that will help you find your key if it gets lost, or if you lose your phone you can use your Qkey to locate it too! This password organizer won’t make you reenter your passwords over and over again like other password vault devices.


 Rechargeable battery. Charges via USB port. Lasts up to
2 weeks per charge
Security Chip
Infineon Certification Level: CC EAL5+
Memory 8 GB
Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE)
Compatibility Windows 8.1 or higher, USB type A

Dimensions 1.25" x 2.5" x 04"
Operating Conditions
14 ° F to 140 ° F (-10 ° C to 60 ° C)