Pride Mobility - BP 12AH - Battery Pack

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Battery Pack
Pride Mobility
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The Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller can use two types of battery packs, this can also be used for the Elite Traveler Plus Scooters. There are a standard and an upgraded battery pack.

This battery pack can also be used for standard Pride Go-Go Elite Traveler. As you may know, your mobility scooter, Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller, Plus, and Sport use removable battery packs. This is an original mobility scooter battery case for the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller. This battery case can be ordered with the batteries if you select that option

This product would be a great option to use as a spare battery in case you are traveling further than the product's maximum distance. You can swap out the battery pack just within a few seconds. It may be a bit heavy so make sure you have some assistance while changing your mobility scooter battery on your Pride Mobility Elite Traveler three-wheel or four-wheel scooter.