Kwikset Emergency Key

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Emergency Key
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With this Kwikset Emergency Key you will have ease of mind to your life with the help of this Kwikset Interior Bed/Bath Door Emergency Key set. Especially useful when living with children, this set will allow you to get into the rooms in your home that have been accidentally or intentionally locked. With a lightweight solid metal design, this privacy lock set is both durable and convenient. For quick access, these keys can easily be stored on top of the door frame so you'll always know where to find it when needed. The design includes a curved handle for better control and a flat-end that fits into the lock.

How to use the Kwikset Emergency Key?

Place the screwdriver end of the key into the center of the hole. Slowly insert the key until it stops. Slowly turn the key clockwise until the key falls into the groove (the emergency key will be pointing to the 10 to 4 position in relation to a clock when in the groove). Turn the key to the left to unlock the door for a lever, and turn the key to the right to unlock the door for a knob. The part number for it is: #81087

For emergency situations you can also use a normal flat head screw driver that will fit through the hole to unlock the door.

  • Use With Kwikset Bed or Bath Lockets.
  • For all privacy function lockets.
  • Length (In.) 2-1/2
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Polished Brass
  • Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 0.6 x 2.5 inches
  • This key is designed to open a privacy function from exterior side of the door.
  • Insert key in hole on exterior side of lever to allow this tool to unlock in case of emergency.