KaraoKing - Karaoke Machine Speaker with 2 Wireless Bluetooth Microphones with Disco Ball

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Power  50W
Battery 12V/3.2A Rechargebale Batery
Speaker 8" Woof + 3" Horn Drive
Connections USB/TF Card/Bluetooth/FM/RC/3.5 AUX-IN
Balancer 5 Channel Balancer

SKU: G100
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Every party lights up with KaraoKing's Bluetooth karaoke machine for kids and adults! And that's not just because of the disco ball. With this karaoke microphone and machine, the fun never ends! Whether you rock to the radio, dance to duets, or jam to the Jackson 5, it keeps the party rollin'.

Get everything you need with the karaoke machine Bluetooth speaker! You get TWO wireless microphones for kids and adults for double the delight. No need to connect the baby karaoke machine to a TV; it comes with a phone/tablet holder! With the remote control, this karaoke set has everything you need to put on the perfect party.



  • 4 Fun Features: Belt out your favorite beats from any device! Easily connect your karaoke machine to phones or tablets through USB, AUX, and Bluetooth. Need a break from belting it out? Play FM radio in between performances!
  • Add Echo Effects: The easy-to-use knobs on the wireless Bluetooth microphone karaoke machine control the volume of your voice and music, but it doesn’t stop there! KaraoKing’s karaoke microphone features an echo effect so you can really feel like you're performing on stage!
  • Pump Up the Jam: Easily balance your music, whatever the genre, with the master equalizer! When you control the bump of the bass, the trills of the treble, and more, you'll feel like a true DJ.
  • Portable Play: Rock anywhere when you roll the karaoke microphone kids machine on its wheels! With the handle, you can pull it like a suitcase for play that's completely portable.
  • Sturdy Structure: No matter who holds the mic, the machine and magic mic for kids hold up. Built to last a lifetime, the karaoke mic’s perfect for adults and kids alike.
  • Get a Grip: Grab and go! The karaoke Bluetooth microphone machine’s handles make moving it even easier! These babies are built right in, so they'll never break off and cause your karaoke machine to crash down.



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