Jensen Portable CD Player - CD, CD-R, CD-RW & Ear-Buds

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SKU: CD-60
CD Player
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The Jensen Personal CD Player with Bass Boost ensures that you're never far from your favorite music. Its features include anti-skip protection, forward and back functions, programmable memory, and a multi-function display. Thanks to the compact design and stereo earbuds, your CD experience has never been more mobile.



  • Slim Personal CD/MP3 player with 60- Second Side Mounted LCD Display CD-R/RW MP3 CD Compatible
  • Skip/search forward & back Repeat 1 or all - Intro & random play
  • Programmable memory - Multi-function LCD display - Stereo headphone input
  • Stereo earbuds - Auto power off Bass Boost for best sound
  • Requires 2 AA batteries Not included