Honeywell - TH8321WF1001 WiFi Vision Pro 8000 Thermostat

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Application Multi Stage (Heat/Cool), Heat Pump

3 Heat/2 Cool (Heat Pump)

4 Heat/2 Cool (Heat Pump) with Equipment Interface Module.

User Interface
Programmability Programmable
Power Method
18/30 VAC

SKU: TH8321WF1001
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Braeburn Digital Thermostat
Programmable wi fi thermostat
Affordable wifi thermostat

Keep your house warm or cool with Honeywell TH8321WF1001 Vision Pro 8000 thermostat. The Wi-Fi VisionPRO allows remote access through a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. With Smart Schedule you may program the thermostat in seconds for up to 7 days ahead. 

The thermostat can be dual powered by battery or hardwired for easy and fuss-free installation. 

The Pro 8000 can control up to 3 Heat and 2 cool when used as a standalone Or Up to 4 Heat and 2 Cool Heat Pump when used with the Equipment Interface Module. 

5 Year Limited Warranty