EZ Taping System - 99125-12-3 - Peel and Stick Drywall Finishing Tape - 1-Pack

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 Compatible Material Paper

SKU: 99125-12-3
Drywall Finishing Tape
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The thinness of Peel and Stick Tape makes it easy to work with and taping tools won't snag on tape when a joint compound is spread over it.

Peel and Stick Tape has holes in the surface that help provide better adhesion and assist in leveling the tape.


  • Tape can be applied directly to clean and dry gypsum boards. No snagging during application or sanding necessary with our user-friendly tape
  • Stronger than traditional paper drywall tape and provides better adhesion to drywall
  • Allows for easy spreading of drywall compound
  • Instructions are included with each package