EasyCare - 30064 - PoolTec - Algaecide, Clarifier and Chlorine Salt Cell Booster

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Pooltec - a product that kills and prevents all types of algae growth, ultra water clarity, and is a strong chlorine booster for both chlorine and salt pools. When used weekly, Pooltec synergies with all types of chlorine to boost the water quality and chlorine effectiveness. Pooltec helps increase chlorine residuals in salt pools especially during heavy usage periods. Pooltec also keeps pool water consistently treated, eliminating the need for cleanup products such as algaecides and clarifiers. The use of Pooltec® provides an easy, year-round pool maintenance solution. 


  • Continuous prevention of green, yellow and black algae. Kills most algae in 4 to 24 hours.
  • Strong clarifiers create ultra-clear water.
  • Boosts chlorine’s effectiveness up to 6X (600%).
  • Improves salt cells’ chlorine output and performance.
  • Eliminates chlorine odors & skin-eye irritation.

How It Works

Pooltecs' environmentally safe polymers uniquely synergy with all types of sanitizes to provide superior water quality, clarity, and improve water sanitation. Unique cationic polymeric compounds function as a broad spectrum, non-oxidizing algaecide-micro biocide that kills and controls the growth of microorganisms by disturbing their normal metabolic process of the living cell. This process archives a super-sanitized condition with an average oxidizer level.