Diablo Freud - 9" Carbide Medium Metal Reciprocating Blade

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 Length 9"
Tooth Design Carbide Teeth
TPI 10

SKU: DS0910CF3
Reciprocating Blade
 Diablo & Freud
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Steel Demon carbide 10 TPI medium metal cutting recip blade delivers 50x longer cutting life and clean finish in strut, pipe, stainless steel, and all other metals ranging in 1/16" to 5/16" thickness.


  • High-performance carbide for greater durability and cutting performance in medium metal
  • Enhanced carbide to blade connection for extreme impact resistance
  • 10 TPI tooth geometry for clean/smooth finishes on medium metal applications
  • 1 in. oversized blade body for straighter cuts with less vibration
  • Ideal for cutting all metals between 1/16 in. to 5/16 in.